Shangaan Shake

Titres :
- 1. Mark Ernestus Meets BBC (BBC / Mark Ernestus) - 9:19
- 2. Oni Ayhun Meets Shangaan Electro (Oni Ayhun) - 6:35
- 3. MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys (Tshetsha Boys / MMM) - 7:07
- 4. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn Meet Tshetsha Boys (Tshetsha Boys / DJ Rashad / DJ Spinn) - 5:36
- 5. Burnt Friedman Meets Zinja Hlungwani (Burnt Friedman / Zinja Hlungwani) - 3:51
- 6. Actress Meets Shangaan Electro (Actress) - 6:24
- 7. Old Apparatus Meets Shangaan Electro ( Old Apparatus) - 3:58
- 8. Theo Parrish Meets Mancingelani (Mancingelani / Theo Parrish) - 12:45

"The Honest Jon’s South African beats compilation Shangaan Electro gets the tasteful remix treatment with most of these tracks appearing previously on 12"s in the label’s "Meets" series. Here, the left-field house fan’s mouth waters as names like Demdike Stare, Ricardo Villalobos, and Theo Parrish fill the track list, while surprises come from oddly named newcomers like MMM and RP Boo. Slight bits of the originals appear and disappear into these mavericks’ unique retooling, and if you aren’t familiar with the original release, it just seems like the usual avant suspects having their innovative ways with South Africa on the brain. That’s good enough but it is better for fans of Shangaan Electro, as they get a fascinating expansion or an alternative view that stops a few beats short of equaling its parent release".

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par   Sylvie Clerfeuille  8 juillet 2015 - © Afrisson