Titres : 1. Swing Low Sweet Chariot , Arr. Glenn Keiles, 2. Amazing Grace , Arr. Glenn Keiles, 3. We're Marching To Zion Trad./Arr. Curtis Lundy, 4. Walk With Me Trad./Arr. Curtis Lundy, 5. On The Battlefield For My Lord Trad./Arr. Curtis Lundy , 6. Eriboee Trad./Arr. Orlando Paz, Orlando Paz , 7. Gallic Chant Matthias Wittwer, Clemens Schweikhart, 8. Pacific Church Song C Trad./Arr. Gabriel Montes, Gabriel Montes, 9. Little Clouds In The Sky Trad./Arr. Aleksejewitsch Karasjow , 10. Baba Mnumzane Richard Siluma, Richard Siluma , 11. Pretty Baby A Sy Gorieb, Mari Falcone, 12. Without Walls A Mladen Franko, 13. Deute Laoi Trad./Arr. Demetrios Lekkas, Thanassis Moraitis , 14. Mulberry Bush A Trad./Arr. Grahame Maclean, Pat Lee, Stephan North, 15. Yuletide Caroling A Mark Governor”

Baba Mnumzane

label Rosenklang

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Sylvie Clerfeuille

Sylvie Clerfeuille

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