“Cet ensemble d'essais sur les musiques du Malawi couvre divers sujets . On y trouve un panorama général sur les musiques et les danses à base de percussions, le rapport du peuple Cewa aux instruments de musique, des portraits d'artistes et une étude sur la tradition du banjo. This collection of essays on Malawian music covers subjects such as a general survey of the music, drum dances, banjo traditions, Cewa concepts of musical instruments and studies of specific performers. This work is a good starting point for finding more literature on Malawian music. Publishing date: 1993 ”

Northern and Central Malawi

Articles compiled and edited by Mitchel Strumpf and Kondwani Phwandaphwanda.

Table of Contents
– Survey of Malawian music / G. Kubik
– Vimbuza or Mashawe : a mystic therapy / A.B. Chilivumbo
– Cewa concepts of musical instruments / G.T. Nurse
– The ngoma dance of central Malawi / E. Muyenza and M. Strumpf
– The equidistant heptatonic scale of the Asena in Malawi / W. van Zanten
– The Southern African periphery : banjo traditions in Zambia and Malawi / G. Kubik
– Black Paseli : his place in early popular Malawian music / K.W. Katundu
– Donald Kachamba’s kwela music : Malawi twist / G. Kubik
– Samba Ng’oma eight : the drum chime of Mario Sabuneti / M.A. Malamusi.

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Sylvie Clerfeuille

Sylvie Clerfeuille