1. The Search (Joe Zawinul)
2. All About Simon (J. Zawinul, E. Mbappé)
3. Introduction to Tower of Silence (J. Zawinul, Chatterjee)
4. Tower of Silence (J. Zawinul)
5. The Spirit of Julian "C" Adderley (J. Zawinul)
6. Familiar to Me (J. Zawinul, Lang, Page)
7. Café Andalusia (A Day in Tunisia)
8. Good Day (J. Zawinul)
9. Barefoot Beauty (J. Zawinul)
10. Rooftops of Vienna (J. Zawinul)
11. Borges Buenos Aires, Pt. 1 (J. Zawinul)
12. Borges Buenos Aires, Pt. 2 (J. Zawinul)
13. Siseya (J. Zawinul, E. Mbappé)
14. East 12th Street Band (J. Zawinul) ”


Joe Zawinul – spoken vocals, keyboards, synthesizer

Harry Kim – trumpet, flugelhorn

Bobby Malach – tenor saxophone, winds

Lori Perry

Dean Brown – guitar

Richard Page – vocals

Maria João – vocals

Amit Chatterjee – vocals, guitar

Zakir Hussain – tablas

Manolo Badrena – percussion

Alex Acuña – percussion

Nathaniel Townsley – drums

Etienne Mbappé – bass

Richard Bona – bass

Les Benedict – trombone

Production : Paco Séry, Joe Zawinul, Ivan Zawinul

À propos de l'auteur

Nago Seck

Nago Seck

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